August 14

New Version out Soon

I’m just about to release a new version of the weather app that is ready for me test more systematically with users.  In the mean time here is a link to the current version.

I now have quite a bit of experience using it myself and do use it regularly, mainly for working out whether to drive my kids to school or walk.  I have a reasonable feeling for how I trust it (something that doesn’t just automatically happen even for me).  From what I’ve experienced:

  •  If it reports more than a 25% chance of rain, that is high and means there is rain around and you’re in danger of getting wet (that’s my cut off for driving my kids to school).
  • There is a major bug in this version that means you should not trust the very first answer it gives back!!  You need to wait wait a minute for the second answer once it has full updated your position.  It has taken me a while to work out why this happens but it is fixed for the new version.
  • I have found it is quite accurate (accurate enough to be useful is for you to decide) but it is literally predicting whether there is ANY rain.  I have lost count of the number of time I have seen it predict rain, I look out and think it is mistaken, then find when I actually walk outside to double check that it technically is actually raining but so lightly that it wouldn’t bother anyone.  There is a rain level prediction that is difficult to interpret in this version and it has been changed for the new version.
  • I know people want rain alerts and I have a way of sending email alerts in the new version but not this one.